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How to get a longer E-Cigarette battery life?

Electronic cigarettes are considered cheaper in the long run and yes, people are happy with that. But still, it’s never bad if you can save a few more bucks. As Electronic Cigarettes technologies have come a long way since they set off and hence has an E-Cig Battery. Instead of the old fashioned disposable E-cig battery now, they utilize lithium-ion batteries. Since these batteries are rechargeable, but they have limits for how many times it could be recharged, as eventually run dry. Most manufacturers claim them to have 250- 300 recharges, but with proper care a vaper can use these batteries for longer than that.

Before we delve in deeper lets see what are the major elements that affect the E-Cig Battery life.
  • Battery Capacity
  • Number of charges
  • Storage and usage temperature
  • Brand/ Quality

We have provided some use full tips using which a vaper can have best life time of the E-Cig battery and eventually can sack some more money.

Keep terminals and contacts clean

You might have discovered a black dirt layer being built up on battery terminals and Clearomizer threads. This is accumulated dust, dirt and Ejuice combination that creates an extra layer on battery terminals and contacts of clearomizer. This layer prevents the proper connection and makes the battery work harder, which hampers the longer battery life.

So always keep the E-Cig battery terminals and Clearomizer threads clean. They can be easily cleaned with a cotton swab, Q-tip or alcohol, and you should clean it weekly.

Use your E-Cig Battery regularly

The more frequently you use your E-Cig battery, the longer battery life you can harness, but this does not mean you should Vape endlessly. The lithium-ion batteries are meant to be used daily, that’s is why they are also used in cell phones. The more often these batteries are used, the easier will be flow of current through the battery and longer will they have battery life.

Charge your E-Cig Battery before it is fully drained

Waiting for the battery to drain fully before plugging it into charger will definitely reduce the battery life span, because once the battery goes below a specific charge amount it has to work harder to give out the same amount of output which reduces the battery life span. You should never let an E-cig battery drain completely, this why vapers always keep a spare battery with them.
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Don’t leave your E-Cig battery for over-night charging

It might sound really convenient to put a battery on charge before you sleep and it is fully charged when you get up in the morning, but this might the worst thing you can do to your battery. This will hamper the battery life span. Always remove the battery from the charger when the battery is 100% charged.

Turn off the E-cig mod

When you are not using your Mod / E-cig turn off the battery completely to get maximum output from your battery. All a lot of vaporizer shut down the system automatically when left idle for some time, but this after 20 min or so. Best practice should be to switch off the E-Cig or mod when you are not using it.

Don’t Store your E-Cig Battery with charge less that 50%

Never store a battery for future with charge less than 50%, because storing them this way will tend to drain them faster. Exactly like fully draining your battery before re-charging, then the battery will have to exercise harder to provide full potential, and thus which will lessen the life span.

Battery Storage

Like any other battery always store your E-cig battery in cool and dry place, even in between puffing to ensure longer battery life. Exposure to high temperature can cause serious damage to battery and hence decrease life span too.

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