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How can i increase the life of my E Cigarette Coil?

You are regular E-Cig user and try to keep vaping simple by not getting into re-building, but the life span of one atomizer coil is what is throwing you off. For new assign users, ecig coil is the fundamental part of atomizer tank which heats up to create vapors from the liquid.

The ideal life of the E-cig coil is 1-2 weeks, but it depends on various factors may be lesser or may be more, depending on usage, liquid, power and a lot more factors. Though there is no straight line formula for increasing the life of Ecig coil, but we have few basic steps that if you perform with every call you install in your tank, can increase the life span of one ecig coil a considerably. This will eventually help you save even more money, and who does not like saving.

1) Priming the coil first

Whenever you install a new coil always prime your ecig coil before rush in to take a first good drag. All the coil has cotton inside/ around the coil which supplies liquid to the coil, so if you try to use coil without priming the coil, it will burn the dry cotton as there will not be enough liquid to vaporize. This kills the flavors of the liquid as well as the life span of the coil.

Priming means to soak the wick inside of the atomizer coil, to make certain that there is ample amount of e-liquid to vaporize to not to have a dry hit. To prime just pour 2-3 drops of liquid inside the coil and the close the tank with coils installed and liquid filled in, then wait for 2-3 minutes. Start taking small drags first and before ending up too long drags.

2) Decrease the heat

Always check the recommended wattage range of the coil. If the wattage range you are using your ecig is high for the coil, it can burn some parts of eliquid instead of vaporizing which creates a gunk layer in the coils. Also too high wattage can burn the cotton inside the coil. Both these can reduce the performance and life span of e-cigarette coils considerably.

3) Refill tank on time

Never let your e-liquid level in tank fall below the coil feeding holes, because then coil won’t get enough eliquid and can burn the cotton. This will make you dry hits and reduce the lifespan of the roll.

4) Use Eliquid with lesser VG (No Max VG)

The two major components of eliquid are PG(Propylene Glycol) and VG(Vegetable Glycerin) , of both these VG is more thicker, more viscous, requires more wattage to vaporize and also builds up residue. When mixed with PG it makes them a little less viscous and vaporize easily. So E-Cig coil will last longer.

5) No chain vaping

The coils in Ecig tank are not implied to be fired continuously all day long without a gap. Doing this will decrease the life span of the coil. Simple solutions can be wait 15-20 second in between puffs, also avoid taking too long drags. This why most of the vaporizer cuts off after puffs longer than 10 seconds.

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