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Innokin Mods and Accessories

Accessories are essential to any satisfying vaping experience. These high-quality clearomizers, replacement coils, SVD mods and starter kits from Innokin can really enhance your enjoyment. The customizable features allow users to adjust the puff counter, cutoff points, charger options and variable voltage adjustment controls. The dual coils are premium-grade replacement parts.

Innokin E Cigarette

For excellence in quality of the inhale, the dual coil system tanks can provide the finest performance. Vaping enthusiasts carefully scrutinize every aspect of these accessories for good reason. The new No Spill Easy swap technology Innokin iSub series tank and ISub Coils are designed as a perfect complement for the Innokin clearomizer. these are low priced and high quality sub ohm tanks out perform any other sub ohm tank systems in market. Starter kits like the Innokin iTaste MVP is perfect for vaping mod beginners who want to experience the Innokin variable voltage box mods. Innokin has also brought some advanced ecig user starter kits to cater the temperature control mod technology. The new Innokin Starter kits like iTaste Hunter starter kit, Innokin SmartBox ,Innokin Cortex have latest chip system to give smoother vaping with more control on it.

  • Cool Fire 4 Plus

    Cool Fire 4 Plus 70 Watt Box Mod

    Innokin Cool Fire 4 Plus is new updated version original customer favorite Cool fire 4 mod by innokin. Cool Fire 4 Plus will host more battery capacity and will 0.1 ohm minimum resistance. Cool fire IV is going to be new favorite 70W mod for the lover of Variable wattage vaping.

  • Cortex TC Mod

    Cortex 80 Watt TC Box Mod

    Innokin Cortex is first temperature control 80W box mod by Innokin technology. Powered by latest Temperature control mod chip IKARNO S1 chip. It can fire minimum resistance of 0.1 ohm and max power of 80 watt , with in built 3300 mah battery .

  • Cool Fire Mods

    Innokin iTaste Cool Fire 4

    New Innokin Cool Fire 4 is a elegant , powerful, compact Sub Ohm Ecig Box mod by Innokin. A new Updated version of the older iTaste Cool Fire mod to fire new era sub ohm tanks. Available in multiple color red , blue , black & Silver. Choose which fire you.

    40 watt box mod for sub ohm vaping

    This version of innokin itaste cool fire series is packed 2000mah grade a batttery to give max power of 40 watt which can fire resistance of 0.3 ohm (min). Order no for best deal at Smokecityca.com - Affordable Branded Ecig Store

  • Disrupter Mod

    Innokin Disrupter mod

    Innokin disrupter is latest mod launched by innokin technology and is first of its kind that has replaceable battery with Slide n' Click method. Innokin Disrupter uses new innovative technology InnookinCell LiPo battery which is build with one of greater safety for vapers with advanced products and high quality. The new Innokin disrupter mod has max of 50W power and supports 0.2 ohms resistances. Equipped alot of safety features like like over charge protection , over heat protection ,short circuit protection , auto shut off protection.

    Customize your Disrupter mod with Innocell vaping power system

    The disrupter mod allows you to customize you innokincell vaping power system in 21 different mods. It allows you choose mod bod from 3 different color and 7 different colors of InnokinCell LiPo batteries. Shop the Innokin Disrupter Mod and Innocell - 2000mah vaping power system LiPo batteries for best deal price at Smokecityca.com

  • Innokin E cig Starter Kits

    Innokin Ecig Starter Kits

    Innokin currently designs and manufacturers four internationally recognized electronic cigarette brands; iTaste, iClear, CoolFire , VTR and the all new Lily. Innokin vaping mods & APVs are popular in every country. They have various vaping Ecig starter kits , Advanced Personal vaporizer (PVs and APVs ), innokin ecig tanks etc..Innokin has the technology wise most advanced electronic cigarettes in vape market

    Advanced electronic cigarette kits and accesories

    Shop form the selection of a innokin electronic cigarette kits , innokin ecig tanks and accessories. Smokecityca.com is Authorizer online reseller of innokin E cigarettes and mods, shop for all genuine Innokin products with Confidence . Enjoy Free Shipping on all orders.

  • Innokin Endura

    Innokin Endura

    Innokin Endura is a new E cig starter kit with optimized 14 watt power output and 2.5 ml top fill tank. A reliable , durable and easy to use beginner starter kit . Shop Endura Series E cigarette kit by Innokin at VaporKart for best deal

  • MVP Series Mod

    iTaste MVP Mods

    One of the most popular types of e-cigarette available today, the iTaste MVP by Innokin delivers a great vaping experience for all that use these. Although they are larger devices, they are incredibly smooth and easily pocketable, making it essential to for vaping on the go. They are also equipped with 2600mAh battery, a large battery even capable of charging external devices like smart phones and tablets. These high quality, variable-voltage e-cigs have a maximum power of 5 volts, and are a must for any vaping enthusiast.

    MVP Vape Mods from Smokecityca.com

    We offer a wide variety of types of styles of the iTaste MVP e-cigs, such as the 2.0, 3.0 and 3.0 Pro, all ranging in wattage anywhere from 6-60 watts, with many of them customizable to find your exact sweet spot. All of the MVP mods have a classy, luxurious look that exudes quality and personality, and are all offered at competitive prices to give vapers the best value possible.

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Innokin iTaste Hunter Starter Kit Innokin iTaste Hunter Starter Kit
Price: $59.99
SALE PRICE : $47.50
In Stock
Innokin iSub V 5ml Edition Tank Innokin iSub V 5ml Edition Tank
Price: $19.99
SALE PRICE : $15.95
(Out of Stock)
Innokin SmartBox iSub V Kit Innokin SmartBox iSub V Kit
Price: $34.99
SALE PRICE : $26.99
In Stock
Innokin AXIOM Tank With RBA Innokin AXIOM Tank (With RBA)
Price: $29.99
SALE PRICE : $23.95
In Stock
Innokin Cool Fire 4 TC18650 75W Mod Innokin Cool Fire 4 TC18650 75W Mod
Price: $59.99
SALE PRICE : $45.95
In Stock
Innokin iSub Ceramic  Coils Innokin iSub Ceramic SS316L Coils - 5pack
Price: $19.99
SALE PRICE : $12.45
(Out of Stock)
Innokin iSub Tank Innokin iSub Tank
Price: $18.99
SALE PRICE : $13.99

Innokin iSub Coil Heads Innokin iSub Coil Heads - 5Pack
Price: $15.99
SALE PRICE : $12.45
In Stock
Innokin iSub G Tank Innokin iSub-G Tank
Price: $26.99
SALE PRICE : $19.99
(Out of Stock)
Innokin iSub Apex tank Innokin iSub Apex tank
Price: $39.99
SALE PRICE : $19.99
(Out of Stock)
Innokin Cool Fire 4 Plus 70W Innokin Cool Fire 4 Plus 70W Kit with iSub Apex
Price: $89.99
SALE PRICE : $59.99
(Out of Stock)