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Vaping Etiquettes: How to not use E-Cigs

Vaping has evolved and we all know it is not smoke , it is Vapor. But this does not give us right to use E-Cigarette anywhere and however we want. There are some un-spoken rules that every E-Cig user must follow.

Vaping In Public

Although it is not smoke it is just vapors. But Vaping is public places like restaurants, bars, hospitals, buses and work places should be averted. We should not be using the E -Cigarettes at places where smoking is not permitted, if needed should ask first.

Cloud-Chasing In Public

Cloud-Chasing might be a fun activity among the Vape friends, but practicing it in public is a sure No No. It might seem impolite and rude in public where other people are present. Yes, it could be a great deal of fun at Vape shops or at your place.

Avoid Vaping Near Children

You will not smoke near a child, then why would you Vape? E-Cigs have nicotine in them and nicotine is harmful and addictive. So never Vape near children at home or in public, step out of the place if you necessitate to use E-Cigarette.

Promote Clean Vaping

Always dispose of the waste products from vaping in a proper manner. For example used coils, wire pieces, empty bottles and batteries. Clean your E-Cigarette tanks, battery terminals properly. Be a responsible vaper.

Respect Smokers

You might have made the smart decision of not smoking anymore and using E Cigarettes, but this does not give you right to disrespect or hate smokers. If needed approach them with kindness and courtesy to acknowledge them about e-cigs. Simply recall your own first e-cig, how hard was it for you to determine. Today you have come a long way, it is your duty to help other smokers.

Stealth Vaping.

You can purchase very awesome powerful but stealth vaping gadget, than you possibly sneak in to all places. But stealth vaping at places where smoking is prohibited like office bathrooms, restaurants and various other public places in big NO. Do not give second hand vaping to other, they did not ask for.

Don’t Use Somebody Else’s E-Cig Without Permission

You have a best friend or colleague, although it is just and ecig but always inquire for permission to use their e-cig before using it.

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