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What is a Notch Coils in E Cigaretttes?

E Cigarettes are getting more and more advanced every day. In this evolution the newest thing came out in e cigs is Notch Coil. Notch coil is the newest e cigarette coil design by Jay-Bo designs from Wismec. This coil is going to be used in a nearest future in Tanks from Joyetech, Eleaf, Wismec and more.

Notch coil design

Specifications of Notch Coil

Notch Coils are made of Stainless Steel which very durable material and bring great flavor, while having a great vapor production. Notch Coils are designed to have larger surface area and also spacious enough to ease re-wicking. It typically has an inner diameter of 5.5 mm and a coil diameter of 2.5 or 3.0mm. Notch coils also are great for temperature control vaping fans. fans.

Benefits of Notch Coils

  • Better flavor: Notch Coils have more surface area than any typical coil, which will provide more than enough room for cotton to breathe. This will result in better flavor.
  • Easier Re-Wicking: As Stated Notch coils have great space in between, so re-wicking going to be really easy.
  • Temperature Control: For those who love temperature controlled vaping, this coil will work great for them, it is made of Stainless Steel material.

Notch Coils Features

1. Inner Diameter 4.8mm,br/> 2. Resistance: 0.25ohm
3. Stainless steel one-piece design
4. Consistent and even heating area
5. Non-Resistance +/- Leads
6. No ramp up time
7. Exquisite design
8. Easy rebuilding

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