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What is PG and VG

Switching to e-cigarettes can be a complex transition for cigarette smokers due to the vast number of options available on the market for e-cigs, e-juices, electronic cigarette kits, etc. To find out more about tobacco alternatives that can make your vape experience more satisfactory and safe, we have a short guide of VG and PG liquid options. Choosing the right e-liquid can be confusing, but learning about these liquids and finding the right ratio of the two fluids can dramatically transform your vaping experience and exponentially increase your enjoyment of electronic cigarettes.

The two most common liquid bases are Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG). At Vaporkart, we offer a diverse range of products that carefully combine PG liquid, VG liquid, water, nicotine, and flavoring to create optimal vaporizing liquids. Both VG and PG are odorless liquid bases that are generally blended with differing amounts of nicotine to make an e-juice. Both liquids have small taste, mouth sensation, and throat sensation variations. Usually, modern e-liquids combine both bases in a consistent ratio. The wrong PG to VG ratio can negatively affect your vaping experience, so be sure to do your research and choose the appropriate e-liquid for you.

Propylene Glycol is more popular than Vegetable Glycerin and has a thinner consistency as well. PG does not alter the taste of e-liquid, but does dry out your mouth and throat if used consistently. Propylene Glycol is commonly found in household items such as asthma inhalers, medical products, and beauty products, making it safe for consistent use. PG is said to have a ‘throat hit’ sensation similar to that of smoking tobacco. Some vapor users are allergic to PG: if you experience any throat or body irritation after using PG-based liquids, stop consumption immediately and switch to VG-based liquids.

In addition to being thicker, Vegetable Glycerin is sweeter than Propylene Glycol which alters the taste of the e-liquid flavor slightly. Vegetable Glycerin is used commonly used in sweeteners, baked goods, beauty products, and dental care products making it safe for daily use. VG liquids are known to produce more of a throat hit because its high consistency produces more vapors. Additionally, allergic reactions to VG e-liquids are extremely rare, making 100% VG liquid bases a popular alternative to PG e-liquids. Now you are well equipped to choose the best vape liquid for your unique vaping needs. For a more superior vaping experience, try a mix of PG and VG based liquids. Search for more e-liquids options at VaporKart! We also carry a wide selection of e-cigs, electronic cigarette kits, vape pens, and more to make VaporKart your one stop vaping shop.

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