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All our eJuices are Made in America from 100 percent USA sourced ingredients. We offer a large variety of flavors from classics to brand new flavors on the market all at affordable prices. Don’t see a flavor you want? Let us know and we’ll try to bring it to our store.

Eliquid Shopping Guide

All eJuice blends are made of two major ingredients, PG & VG, which change how the flavor tastes, the amount of vapor produced and the intensity of the throat hit. Our selection of eJuices come in a large variety of PG/VG variations to ensure you find one that works best for your vaping needs. Below are various PG & VG variations with descriptions on how they feel.

  • 100% PG: Heavy throat hit, robust flavor and very low vapor production.

  • 80% PG / 20% VG: Strong throat hit, strong flavor and very low vapor production.

  • 70% PG / 30% VG: Vapor Production is a little more, but less flavor and throat hit.

  • 60% PG / 40% VG: Even more vapor production, decently noticeable throat hits and flavor.

  • 50% PG / 50% VG: This is a more optimum balance of PG & VG, offering light throat hit and good vapor output.

  • 40% PG / 60% VG: Larger vapor production, with less throat hit and moderate flavor.

  • 30% PG / 70% VG: Even more vapor production, moderate flavor and very low throat hit.

  • 20% PG / 80% VG: Very Strong vapor production, Moderate flavor and slight throat hit.

  • 100% VG: Highest vapor production, sweet flavor and hint of throat hit.

If you’re new to picking out your PG/VG ratio we recommend selecting a few different bottles of eJuice with different nicotine levels to see what you like best.

  • ANML eJuice

    ANML Vapor EJuice Eliquid

    ANML Ejuice brings you some cereal flavor by some perfectionist vape juice mixologist. Hand Crafted by well Known master eliquid mixologist of The Phillip Rocke Grand reserve and Gemini Vapor, the ANML Vapor Ejuice are created in small batches. In the mixology process utmost care is taken to deliver a vape experience out of this world. ANML ejuice have 3 mouthwatering ejuice flavors. Looper and Fury are two different best cereal ejuices, while third Carnage tastes exactly like your favorite strawberry candy. ANML ejuice stands in a class all its own... you just have to try it to believe it.
    With the customer love and for customer ANML VApor has crafted new eLiquid line ANML Vapor Unleashed . Thus new line has 4 absolutly new flavor ejuice and is available in 60ml bottles .
    • PG / VG varies by Flavor
    • Made in USA
    • Best Cereal Flavor Ejuice
    • 30ml Bottle
    • Child Proof Cap

  • Bam Bam's Cannoli

    Bam Bam's Cannoli Ejuice

    Bam Bam Cannoli brings to you the good old traditional cannoli flavor in ejuice but in more unique and reformulated blends. This eliquid collection has mouth-watering blends of some delectable cookies & Cream, key lime pie, fruit cereal and topped with homemade whip cream. All the Bam Bam Cannoli ejuices will remind you a new unique cannoli your grandma used to make but with new taste notes to it, that will get you so much into flavor that you will close your eyes to enjoy the flavor gush from each drag you will get. Enjoy each blend of the Bam Bam Cannoli ejuice to rejuvenate your lost old flavors.
    • Made in USA
    • 70% VG / 30% PG
    • 3x 30ml Bottle each package
    • Child Proof Cap

  • Beard Vape ejuice

    Beard Vape eJuice

    Established as one of the premium ejuice makers, Beard Vape Ejuice has some tastiest ejuice flavors. Named distinctly with numbers you will fall i love with taste of each number of beard vape soon

    Made in USA

    PG/VG Ratio varies by flavor

  • Charlie's Chalk Dust

    Charlie's Chalk Dust ejuice

    Charlie’s Chalk Dust Ejuice flavors are some sweet, pastry and fruit mix flavors. Collection brings a white label and black label bottles of two different lines of ejuice. Some unique and eclectic ejuice flavors. Charlie's Chalk Dust different from any of the ejuices you have tasted, will turn around the way you weep. Try these to know more..
    Charlie Chalk dust created a new tropical fruit trio mix ejuice line Pacha Mama, all new blends of sweet fruits you only find on tropical islands.
    • PG / VG varies by flavors
    • Pastry Flavor ejuice
    • Creamy and Fruity flavor Ejuice

  • Cuttwood

    Cuttwood ejuice : The sauce boss

    Hand crafted in California USA Cuttwood ejuice are proud provide best vape juice to vaper in vape industry. Through rigorous research and development cuttwood ejuice has brought some auspicious e juices which were given great love by vapers around the world.
    Cuttwood has some reserve edition specialty flavor like cuttwood boss reserve and newest cuttwood Mr. Fritter fussion of apple and cinamon with other flavors.. In stock for best available prices for cuttwood ejuices flavors at best ejuice site; Vaporkart.com
    Cuttwood created a new ejuice flavor line Cuttwood Re-Imagined with some simple Lime, orange and mint flavor ejuice recreated in a new way. You will find these flavor same and unique, but at the same time.
  • Ejuice Bulk Deals

    Ejuice Bulk Deals

    Everybody wants to vape the premium eliquid, but nobody wants to break the budget by spending $20-25 for a 30ml bottle of ejuice. We have assorted this category for premium eliquids at cheaper price. Shop our selection of premium Vape juice bulk deal bottles for brands like Cuttwood, One hit wonder, Islander, ANML, SNOZZberry and many more that we keep adding to the collection at cheaper prices compared to rest of the market.

    How we bring you cheaper prices? It is simple and no secret, we work with our Supplier closely keeping good relation and ordering bigger quantity. We pass on the discount we get to our customer bringing the overall price lower, so everybody can enjoy good quality ejuices. Shop the premium eliquids at a cheaper price because you deserve it.

    Are you confused with Eliquid Shopping? Need some help? Go through our basic Eliquid Shopping guide, this will help you decide better.
  • E-Juice By Flavor

    Ejuice by Flavors

    We have categorized our wide ejuice selection in three major classifications. If you are looking to shop by flavor type  our below categorization will be really helpful for you. Choose your flavor type and shop now.Are you confused with Eliquid Shopping? Need some help? Go through our basic Eliquid Shopping guide, this will help you decide better.

  • Electric Sky Co

    Electric Sky Co Ejuice

    Electric Sky Co ejuices is a collaboration of work of two leading eliquid mixologist of Vape industry, One Hit Wonder Eliquid & Electric Sky. The mixologist of the made a combined effort and produced three master piece eliquid flavor Carnival Crunch , Neon Apple and Kinetic Cooler. Each of these three ejuice flavors is best in their category, Carnival Crunch is sweet vanilla bean ice cream and cereal flavor, Neon Apple is sour apple candy and bubble gum mix and third Kinetic Cooler is Tangerine, Lime with cool exhale. All the three ejuice from Electric Sky Co are worth trying.
    • Made in USA
    • 70% VG / 30% PG
    • 60ml Bottle
    • Child Proof Cap

  • Fog Cabin Ejuice

    Uncle Junk's Genius e-Juice - Fog Cabin

    Uncle Junk's Genius ejuice had been loved and enjoyed by all vapers around the world. They were fruity, sour and satisfying. After the great success for that, Uncle Junk has launched a new e-Juice line Fog Cabin. Fog Cabin line of ejuice is fruity but mix elixir with some creamy note. You will no sooner fall in love the the new line Fog Cabin ejuice by Uncle Junk's genius Ejuice.

    Fruity & Creamy ejuice

    The Fog cabin ejuice line by Uncle Junk will be another favorite of your pretty soon. It will be a mix of fruity and creamy flavor. Elixir have been made with high precision and tested for quality and taste to give you exact flavor note as said. Fruity and creamy flavor are well balanced to not to over power each other rather they compliment each other in every drag. So order uncle junks New Fog cabin ejuice and enjoy free shipping.

  • Fruit Pop

    Fruit Pop Ejuice Eliquid

    Fruit Pop Ejuice is newest ejuice line by the manufacturers of customer favorite Premium Glas Vapor Ejuice. Glas is known in Vape industry for manufacturing high quality Mods and Vape juices, and they have brought the same high quality work for cheaper price in larger quantity ejuice bottle. Fruit Pop has three distinct flavors which will get you nostalgic about you childhood fruits pops you loved. Fruit pop has three flavor Rainbow, Watermelon and a mix ejuice flavor of Strawberry, Mango & Kiwi. The Fruit pop Ejuice line by Glas line also has a fourth eliquid flavor; Fruit Whip Flavor of Strawberry and Kiwi Fruit whip.
    All the ejuice are made in USA with finest ingredients packed in 120ml bottle and having VG/ PG Ratio of 70%/30%.
    • Manufactured by Glas Vapor
    • 120ml Bottle
    • Made in USA
    • 70% VG / 30% PG

  • Glas eJuice

    Glas eJuice

    For gourmet flavors and a really satisfying vaping experience, check out Glas ejuice. Each 30 mL bottle delivers a unique taste blend that comes across just like the real thing. They're great as an after-dinner sweet or anytime you have a sweet tooth craving. Order your Glas ejuice online today and taste the difference.

    Premium Vape Juice

    The complex flavors in Pound Cake give you hints of creamy vanilla and lemon zest, just like an old family recipe. Glas' Milk flavor is perfect for a summer day with the taste of ripe strawberries and fresh cream. Meanwhile, Pebbles makes you feel like a kid again with fruit-and-cream cereal flavors mixed with delicious macaroons. Go ahead; try them all! VaporKart brings you the latest in premium flavors and brands and low prices so you can try everything without breaking the bank.

  • GQ Vape EJuice

    GQ Vape EJuice : New flavors available

    Love of vaping taken to next level by combining passion and dedication of making best quality e juice. 8 very Unique e juice flavor crafted by mixing the fine quality ingredients. GQ vape e liquids have flavors to match every vapers flavor choice . GQ vape has e juice flavor like High Roller, Caviar, Pearl Sin City and many to give best quality vape experience.

    Shop the New GQ Vape e juices for every part of your life. Wherever you are in your story, GQ Vape has a flavor for where you are now… and where you’re going next.

    GQ Vape Ejuice has brought to you four new flavors in 30ml bottle.

  • Islander

    Islander Ejuice

    Getting to have island experience any moment, Won’t that be great? Islander Ejuice give you beach island life with every puff, with delicious flavors that perfectly capture the magic of the islands. Islander Eliquids has mixed tropical island fruit flavor like Pineapple, Banana, Citrus, Coconut and more, to bring you three distinct ejuice flavor. Beach Bum a delectable mix of juicy Pineapples, berries and pomegranate ejuice, Hula Girl a creamy mix of Coconut and ripe Bananas eliquid and last but not least Sun Seeker. Sun Seeker is than one juicy, fruity ejuice flavor that you would love vaping with sunglasses on and lying back on a beach chair, a sparkling citrus and melon flavor. Try every single flavor of the Islanded Eliquid Collection to have vacation with every drag.
    • Made in USA
    • 60ml Bottle
    • 70% VG / 30% PG
    • Child Proof Cap

  • Mad Hatter

    Mad Hatter ejuices: Unique Ejuices

    Mad Hatter maker of popular I Love Donuts Ejuice has introduced some very distinct and unique ejuice flavors to Vapers. Vape industry has loved mad hatter ejuice creation. Their popular ones were I love donuts and I love cookies. They have brought some new I love taffy a creamy peach candy ejuice flavor. Select which gourmet creation of Mad Hatter Ejuice you love the mods.
    Mad Hatter juice created some out of the world ejuice not imagined ever. They release one ejuice flavor and has always been appreciated by the vapers all over. Following the same route Mad Hatter Juice brought to some new flavor I love Taffy a peach taffy ejuice flavor, 120 Cream Pop a mix of orange sherbet and vanilla ice cream and last but most love I Love Popcorn a creamy buttery popcorn flavor ejuice.

  • Mila's Macarons

    Mila's Macarons Ejuice

    Mila’s Macarons Flavors ejuice are bringing you a delectable eliquid flavor straight from Mila’s Oven. Mila is so fond of baking and she bakes some delicious macarons. Mila’s Macarons ejuice bring you same macaron flavor for vaping in three famous flavors; Pistachio, Strawberry and Salted caramel. Mila’s favorite of all which she keeps closer to heart is the salted caramel, though she loves all the flavors. All three Macaron eliquid bring you crispy, fluffy, gooey goodness wrapped in every 60ml bottle.
    • Made in USA
    • 60ml Bottle
    • 70% VG / 30% PG
    • Child Proof Cap

  • Modus Vapor

    Modus Vapor Ejuices

    Modus Vapor ejuices are crafted to meet the high demand of vapers. As we all know there is a lot going on in ejuice market over premium Vape juices. Modus vapor has crafted eliquid to take over that, with 60ml bottle of premium eliquid at amazingly cheap price. The line was launched with first flavor Molly; called the best strawberry sour belt and was given a great response by vapor all over. Now Modus vapor ejuices has evolved to more ejuices added to and is love by vapers. The line includes now Pablo a pink lemonade flavor eliquid, Buzz a perfect blue raspberry flavor and Akuma eliquids , and still going on.
    • Predominantly VG based
    • 60ml Bottle
    • Made in USA
    • Child Proof Cap

  • Naked 100

    Naked 100 Ejuice - 60ml Bottle

    Naked 100 Ejuices are crafted by the makers of The Shwartz Eliquid. Naked 100 is a fruity ejuice line made like smoothie flavors. Rich, sweet, juicy fruit mixes will gush your mouth will flavors. Naked 100 ejuice line has three delicious sweet flavor, Green Blast of all green fruit like green apple, Melons and Kiwi, Lava flow a tropical mix of Strawberry, coconut and pineapple and third a really sweet ejuice lover flavor of mango, peaches and cream. You will enjoy every single flavor till the last drop.
    Naked 100 ejuice has brought new line Naked 100 Menthol with a fruity flavor mix of cool menthol. These include Naked 100 Very Cool, Brain Freeze and Frost Bite. Try the selection of Naked 100 Eliquids and you won’t regret.
    • Made in USA
    • 60ml Bottle
    • 70% VG / 30% PG

  • NJOY eJuice

    NJOY Vape eJuice : Artist Collection

    Njoy Vape Artist Collection ejuice flavor is made by five leading eliquid mixologist of the Vape industry. The line comprises of Fruity, Cinnamon, Tangy, Spiced Tea and sweet blend ejuice flavor. Every flavor is distinct from the other as it has been made by different eliquid mixologist. As a leader in the fight against the big tobacco, NJOY has teamed with some best ejuice flaor artist on the plant to deliver five extraordinary taste experiences. Browse our selection and see which ejuice from artist collection treats your taste buds best.
    • Made in USA
    • 30ml Bottle
    • PG/ VG VAries by Flavor
    • Child Proof Cap

  • One Hit Wonder

    One Hit Wonder EJuices

    One hit Wonder Eliquid have answered all the question Vapers had regarding the quantity and quality. They produce premium high quality ejuice and bring to end customer at very nominal prices. One Hit wonder Eliquids are hand crafted in Los Angles, California with the finest quality ingredients available, including TruNic 100% USA grown and extracted from liquid Nicotine. They bring delectable creamy and bakery flavors packed in 180ml bottle and every package includes two 15ml Unicorn bottle to carry along the ejuice in smaller bottles. Top Favorites from One hit Wonder Eliquid are, The Muffin Man and The Milk Man flavors.
    One Hit Wonder Eliquids have brought some new flavors in Collaboration Mad Hatter Juice called the Juice Box ( Apple Flavor Ejuice) and second one Drippn Whip in collaboration with Fat Jewce.
    • Made in USA
    • 80% VG / 20% PG
    • 180ml Bottle
    • 2 x Empty Unicorn Bottle in package

  • Pacha Mama

    Pacha Mama Ejuice by Charlie Chalk Dust

    Pacha Mama ejuices are new island fruit trio blends from Charlie Chalk Dust ejuices. Each eliquid blend in Pacha Mama is a combination of three Island fruits to bring you a perfect vape flavor for every drag, that will take you to a vacation on your favorite beach island. Pacha Mama eliquid by Charlie Chalk Dust are mixes of Mango, Pitaya, Papaya, peach, strawberry, coconut, guava and jackfruit. Every fruit ejuice flavor has been meticulously crafted with the finest ingredients sourced from USA only. The three delectable fruit blend ejuice flavor are worth trying.
    • Made in USA
    • 30ml Bottle
    • Child Proof Cap
    • 70% VG / 30% PG

  • Phillip Rocke E-Liquid

    Phillip Rocke Signature Series E-liquid

    Phillip Rocke E-Liquids are crefully hadn crafted E-liquid made in California with Higher quality ingredients. Created in very small batches focusing the mantra quality over quantity .

  • SNOZZBerry eJuices

    SNOZZBerry EJuice

    You love Berry cream , berry sweet and berry yogurt infused ejuice ? You have waiting for SNOZZBerry Ejuices waiting to meet you. Cheap eliquids to meet your budget and premium quality in flavors. Simple yet very flavorful eliquid mixes. Snozzberry ejuices are a mix of some rare berries with cream, yogurt and straight berries, bringing you three distinct flavors mix from same Snozzberry itself.This line of ejuice will satisfy every single flavor pallet for sure, though it be fruity, Creamy or tarty yogurt style.
    • Made in USA
    • PG/ VG Varies With Nicotine level
    • 60ml Bottle
    • Great Cheap Price Ejuice
    • Child Proof bottle

  • Suave

    Suave Ejuice Eliquid

    Suave Ejuice is new and has a unique Ejuice flavor which has brought up the tropical fruit flavor together in unique mixes which you are for sure going to enjoy till the last drop of it. Fruit like guava, Lychee, Kiwi, Papaya, passion fruit and some more tropical citric fruits have blended to create five unique flavors. Two of these ejuice flavors Bravo and Macho are the Fruit mix ejuices, the other two Guapo and Libre are cream blend of fruits and the fifth one is fruit blended with creamy yogurt. All these five will satisfy your taste pallet to the extent that no sooner Suave liquid flavor will be your next all day Vape flavors.
    Each Suave flavor has been masterfully crafted by our classically trained chef with the most meticulous care for each flavor note. All ingredients have been tested with the expertise of our in-house chemist to ensure purity and consistency.
    • Made in USA
    • 60 ml Bottles
    • Child Proof Cap
    • 70%VG / 30% PG

  • Uncle Junk's Ejuice

    Uncle Junk’s Genius Juice

    Uncle Junk's creates all e-liquids using ingredients from the USA. From Hard Lemonade to Honey Do, each flavor offers something new for vaping enthusiasts. In fact, Uncle Junk's e juice produces flavors for those looking for premium taste, satisfaction, and refreshment. For example, Honey Do blends honey dew and juicy summer melon for people who want something sweet and fruity in an e-liquid. Browse our selection of the finest Uncle Junk’s e juice for sale and enjoy free shipping on your order anywhere in the US. Buy some for yourself or surprise your friends for their birthdays with Uncle Junk’s vapor liquid!

    Tasty and Fruity Flavors

    Uncle Junk's e liquid entered the e-liquid market in 2012 and has since become a household name with its blend of fruity flavors. From Grapeful Grape to Bettie White, with its pomegranate and apple combination, every Uncle Junk's flavor offers a pleasant, flavorful experience that traditional cigarettes cannot match.

  • Unleashed

    Unleashed by ANML Vapor Ejuice

    If you loved the original ANML Vapor Ejuices, ANML Unleashed is the next evolution of your favorite ejuices. The new Unleashed Line offers ejuices at affordable prices without compromising on the flavor. This new brand is a champion of pushing the boundaries of human expression in our respective arts - in whatever shape or form that comes. After all, art is what separates us from animals.The Unleashed Line brings you four mouth-watering creamy ejuice flavors packaged in 60ml bottle each available in o, 3 and 6mg nicotine.
    • Made in USA
    • 60ml Bottle
    • PG/VG Blend
    • Child Proof Cap

  • The Cloud Company

    The Cloud Company ejuice

    For the most flavorful taste each and every time you smoke, choose VG e liquid from the Cloud Company, makers for Suicide Bunny. These max VG ejuices not only pack powerful and concentrated flavor for you to enjoy, but are also made from all natural vegetable glycerin, so they’re some of the safest on the market. The naturally sweet taste of the vg enhances the already delicious sensation you’ll experience with every drag.

    Best Max VG eJuice

    VaporKart is proud to offer our customers some of the finest e-liquids in our online store and these juices are nothing but enjoyable, pure flavor. A complex blend of fruity and creamy flavors, these e-liquids are perfect for those that love a hint of sweetness. Try the rich coconut crème cake flavors of Billow or indulge in a berry medley when you try Revel. No matter what your palette, you’ll love the sensational flavor of these ejuices from The Cloud Company.

  • The Milkman Ejuice

    The Milkman e juice : Max VG Ejuice

    The MilkMan Ejuice is small batch hand crafted eliquid line by the makers of The Vapping Rabbit Eliquids. The MilkMan ejuice debut line flavor was The MilkMan ,was a customer favorite , it was a splash of fresh milk with Vanilla Ice Cream. Followed by various new popular Churrios, Milky O’s and Pudding ejuice are customer favorite ejuice by the MilkMan Ejuice. If you are fond of Creamy and Milky flavored ejuice The MilkMan ejuice will be your next all day vape juice brands. If you love blowing some thick vape clouds and want great flavor try one and you will for sure try all one by one. Order New The MilkMan Ejuice flavors here at VaporKart now.
    • Child Proof Cap
    • Max VG Ejuice
    • Rich Creamy and Milky Ejuices

  • Vape Wild

    Vape Wild Ejuices

    Looking for great deals on Ejuice? Tired of heavy price for 30ml ejuice bottles? Vape Wild Ejuice have brought a premium quality eliquid line at affordable prices. This line of ejuices has a multiple delicious flavor packed in 30ml bottles and you can buy at the cheapest price as compared to any other premium ejuice line. Vape Wild brings you premium quality at a lesser price, because they know how to save money on every single aspect and pass on those saving to their customer. In our collection here you will find all the popular ejuice flavor Vape Wild, starting from Berry flavor Murica to Strawberry Cream (S+C) 2, Cinnamon flavor King Cake to Cheesecake flavor Smurf Cake. You name it you will best tasting ejuices at the most affordable prices here in collection of Vape Wild Ejuices.
    • Made in USA
    • 65% VG / 35% PG
    • 30ml Bottle
    • Child Proof Cap

  • Vaping Rabbit Ejuice

    Vaping Rabbit Ejuice

    The Vapping Rabbit ejuice is one of the Top Shelf ejuice of the industry. Maker of one of the best creamy max VG ejuices for vaping. You will find some creamy fruity flavors like Blueberry shortbread ejuice Name White Rabbit, a delectable orange Pineapple Upside Down flavor ejuice the Cheshire cat and many more of these category. Try these flavor and you will them for the Top quality and flavor profile deliver.
    The Vaping Rabbit is also the maker of the popular ejuice line The MilkMan another Max VG eliquid line.

    • Max VG
    • Cream Fruit Mix ejuice

  • VTMN Ejuice

    VTMN Ejuice

    VTMN ejuices have raised the standard of the fruity ejuice in the market. There are so many fruity Vape juices in the market, but none even comes close to the quality and taste of the VTMN eliquids. These are mixes of some best fruity and berry flavor mix ejuice, they hit the desired note of the customer, so well that it will get you to mesmerize fruity La La land of flavors with the first puff. The VTMN ejuice line consists of three distinct fruit mixes, Fire which is a mix of sweet and fresh dragon fruit, Island a blend of tropical citrus fruits and Purple which is a sweet mix of a berry and Agave Syrup.
    • Made in USA
    • 60ml eJuice Bottle
    • 70%VG / 30% PG
    • Child Proof Cap

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hula girl islander ejuice 30ml Hula Girl - Islander Ejuice - 60ml
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sun seeker islander ejuice 30ml Sun Seeker - Islander Ejuice - 60ml
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cookies and cream by bam bams cannoli Cookies and Cream - Bam Bam's Cannoli - 90 ml
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